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International Customers
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Privacy Policy: Acoustic PC Inc.
Acoustic PC does not share any of its customer information. The company respects the privacy of the each customer and aims
to provide excellent service as well as top quality products.

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Store Terms & Conditions.

Return Policy:
Acoustic PC offers a 15-day money-back guarantee, with a 20-25%  percent restocking fee, and shipping charges can not be
refunded on the products we sell. For any reason, you may return your purchase for a full refund of the purchase price less
applicable restocking fees and shipping charges -- but only during the first 15 days of the shipping date. And only if the product
is in a not used and in resalable condition that means no scratches dents.
Special Note: heatsinks products such as CPU
coolers, Chipset Coolers, VGA Coolers etc... that have been opened from package, mounted or installed can not be return.
They  will have scratches or even micro scratches on the base therefore can not be re-sold so there for are not eligible for
return. Acoustic PC does not sell used heatsinks. Also all items must be packaged with all respective manuals.
However: This
does not apply to water cooling, liquid cooling hardware & mainboards such as video cards and motherboard products. There is
no refund or returns on water or liquid cooling products and mainboards, warranty and exchanges are available through the
manufacture if applicable. Also All are water cooling products and mainboards products if Defective will need to exchange
DIRECTLY with manufacture. NO EXCEPTIONS.

- NOTE: Special order items and products that we do not sell or stock in our store are not eligIble for return. No exceptions.

Restocking Fees & Shipping Charges:
Our restocking fee applies to all non-defective, returned items -- no exceptions. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Products
must be returned in original package, undamaged, Unused, in resealable condition with all included accessories, packaging and
documentation. Acoustic PC does not sell used items. Refunds are done at current market  price. If an Item has gone down in
price for any reason since the purchase this will affect the refund and will be adjusted accordingly.  

Important Note:
We do not cross-ship merchandise nor offer exchanges. Please re-order the correct part through our web site.

RMA's Returns:
Please do not ship an item with out notifying us for an exchange or DOA RMA number. Please contact us first so that we can
give you the proper RMA number for your particular type of return. Shipping with out notifying us first and with out an RMA
number may cause delays or even your package to get lost. Or returned. We recommend you use a reliable carrier with a
trackable method for returns such as UPS or Fedex with signature confirmation.  

Warranty & Defective Products:
All products sold through are site have a manufactures warranty on all our products to be free of defects in materials and
workmanship -- and will be replaced without question -- directly through are manufacture provided the product has not been
subject to abuse, misuse, neglect or physical damage. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is non-
transferable. Please contact the manufacturer directly for exchange or contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you and
provide you with all the proper contact information.

Request and RA (Return Authorization):
If you have read the above information thourgly and need to return a product directly to us or need help/ assisatnace or even
more info on how to return to us or our manufacture(s).
>> Click here to fill out an RA Return Authorization form.

Order Cancellation:
For order cancellations, please email as soon as possible after placing your order. If order has already
been charged or  sent out you can refuse the order when it arrives and as soon as we receive the package back we will refund
your credit card  less or minus shipping fee and a
5% processing fee to cover the credit card processing fees. If order has just
been charged and not shipped out and just needs to be refunded then only a
5% processing fee applies to cover merchant
credit card processing charges. Please allow 10 business days for credit. Credits are applied to the same card used only for the
order. PayPal transactions can not be Voided like a credit card the transaction will be credited back to you as a new transaction
5% processing fee within 45 days grace period. If shipping was involved minus shipping fees as well and credit can only be
applied to your PayPal account after we have received the package back. For PayPal account we will need your PayPal email id
associated with the account for credit back.  

Canceled Pre \ Orders & Back orders:
When a customer reserves and item on a per order or back order status the order is charged and the product is reserved for
you if you change your mind we will refund your credit card less or minus a
5% processing fee. This fee is to cover some of the
Merchant Transaction processing fees for our credit card processor and Host provider.

Acoustic PC uses several shipping carriers are preferred method for domestic is UPS, and for International orders USPS ~
United States Postal Service. However Acoustic PC reserves the right to change a shipping carrier with out notice as long as the
method used is with in the approximate time frame as the one used to place the order. For example if you place an order with
UPS Ground we can use are back up carrier FedEx, and send your shipment via FedEx Ground. This usually does not happen,
but because of matters beyond are control IF we need to use an alternate SHIPPING method we reserve the right to do so. If a
slower method is going to be used then the customer is notified first for there permission. (Shipping delays) due to weather
conditions or acts of God that our out of our carriers control Acoustic PC nor our shipping carriers can not be held liable for. .   
Acoustic PC strives to ship orders out same day if the order is placed before 5:00 PM., However on occasion, but rarely due to
reasons beyond our control orders will ship the following business day. Should it take longer than that for any reason we will
notify the customer of any delays.

Miss Ship's:
Acoustic PC - reserves the right to fix a mis-ship for any dometic or Inaternational order without dispute from the party placing
the order, specially on "phone, and e-mail orders," where human errors are more likely to happen. A digital photo of the product
in question must be provided to complete and fix the error. Ship method used to re-ship USPS Priority, UPS Ground or Fedex
Ground. Acoustic PC obtains the right to choose witch method is best suited for the exchange.

Are pick to lite system shipped through our facility allows
99.9%  accuracy on orders. However if by any chance and item is
shipped incorrectly. Then Acoustic PC will re-Ship the correct item for  free back as long as the mistake is on Acoustic PC's
Fault. Also cross shipping is not allowed we must receive the incorect item first before we can re-ship the correct one, unless
you want to place a new order and then receive a credit back.  

Wrongfully or miss-shipped items are subject to Acoustic PC investigation and digital photos must be provided. Disputing a miss-
shipped order after 30 days is not possible under any circumstance so please check your package and compare to your
product list when you receive your package with-in the 30 day window.

Refused Orders & or orders not claimed / miss delivery
A refusal on a package or negligence not to be there to accept a apckage is at no fault of Acoustic PC and when and if the
package is return to us a credit will be given back minus shipping to and back as well as a re-stock fee, see above for re-stock
fee(s) applicable. This pertains to
Domestic packages foreign or international packages are subject to extra fees deducted such as
brokerage fees and taxes assessed to us by our shipping carriers. International packages can also be treated abandoned by
our carrier or your country's customs, and Acoustic PC is not liable, and the individual placing the order with Acoustic PC shall
be held liable for the package (merchandise) and in this case will be held liable not only for the package but for any fees
charged to Acoustic PC such as shipping charges to and back as well as taxes, brokerage fees and any other fees assessed by
the carrier used or your country's customs including is a package is not return back to Acoustic PC.  Drop ship fees may also
apply for International as well as Domestic Orders. Any type or monitary dispute on a trasnaction will be subject to  further fees
assessed as well as any leagl binding fees.

Lost or damged Packages
All packages shipped by Acoustic PC included insurance unless other wise requested by customer witch the recipient would be
entirely responsible for the package and all containing items. For packages shipped the standard way including insurance
Acoustic PC must allow our shipping carriers to provide an investigation. with UPS for a lost package generally it would take
approximately 3 business days. For damage packages usually UPS will pick up the box shipping materials and items next
business day. However USPS United States postal service is much slower this is why are preferred ship method is UPS. For
Acoustic PC to be able to credit back for a shipment or re-place the lost or damaged product it must have the approval of the
shipping carrier. Once we have that approval we will then go ahead and send out or credit for the lost or damaged package.

(NOTE for lost packages) Always check with a neighbor at your work or home some times a UPS driver may leave a
package if you are not home with a neighbor.or in the suite next door at your work or office. Lost packages rarely happen and
usually this seems to be the case. So it is a good idea to always check before opening a claim witch can be a more lengthy time

Credit Card Claims & Disputes:
Should you have a claim or dispute regarding an order please contact us for assistance first. So we can work it out on our side.
If a claim is filed either by mistake or an invalid or no good reason and Acoustic PC prevails over the dispute \ Judgement, You
will be liable for a
$ 15.00 Claim fee... This fee charge does not come from us it is simply passed on to you from our Merchant
Processor  Paymentech or PayPal charges us for accidental or invalid \ valid disputes. All Claim disputes should be paid and
sent to us Via Certified mail to our Physical address with your order number with in 30 days after dispute is finalized.. Should you
fail to make this payment you will be liable for any & all collection and legal fees as well as Attorneys fees if inquired. So please
contact us first our intent is never to turn issues over to third party collection & legal unless needed. Further more Acoustic PC
is not liable for any credit reporting by third parties we are very flexible and transparent and always willing to work with you on a
resolution with an issue. We are available via phone, e-mail...  

Limited Liability Disclaimer...

Acoustic PC Inc. Shall not be held responsible or liable for the following:

  • (1) any damages incurred, incidental or consequential, while using our products, including but not limited to loss of
    income, savings or profit, or loss of electronic data or records,

  • (2) third-party claims filed against the purchaser, or

  • (3) damage to products during shipment or lost or misdirected shipments.

  • (4) shipping delay's due to weather conditions or acts of God.

  • (5) use of our products is at your own risk!

Important Information Regarding Installation Of Our Products:
If you are unsure how to install something correctly, contact us first. We can't help you. If you are not computer savvy we
recommend hiring an IT professional with license or taking your components to a reputable computer shop that offers custom
builds. Acoustic PC is not liable for any damage occurred by installing our products and all liability by us is valid for no more
than the current market value of the goods sold by us.

We reserve the right to make changes or updates to our web site, including adjustments for typographical errors or for product
specification clarifications, without notice.

Contact Info:

Questions feel free to contact our sales team at  sales(at)
Voice: 786 342-0920

Main Office Address: "Headquarters."

Acoustic PC Inc.
14629m SW 104 Street Suite 119
Miami, Florida.  33186  

Our shipping Facilities... Warehouses East Coast & West Coast:

Acoustic PC Now Provides Two New Shipping Facilities East  & West coast. "To Better Serve You."!!!

Acoustic PC now offers two convenient warehouse locations in the USA for shipping east coast & west coast.
This way packages arrive promptly to our customers.

Most customers ordering from the east coast will receive there order from the east coast shipping facility and customers
ordering from the west coast will most likely receive their order from the west coast facility.

On occasion if a product is not available in one facility or if your order has to ship out partially from one and the rest of the order
from the other. This will be at no extra cost to you as well as double ships.

Acoustic PC picks up the tab on all double ships to our customer as a courtesy unless for some reason it is not possible we will
notify you first for your approval.  
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Why not spare your hearing with Acoustic PC’s Quiet Computer Cooling and Soundproofing
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